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so you can concentrate on what truly matters
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Your "Click-And-Print" Digital Workflow

Save valuable time and resources, bringing your cases to completion more efficiently.

1. Scan & Design

Our setup is compatible with leading dental CAD solutions, such as Medit, Exocad, and 3Shape, providing a smooth end-to-end operation.

2. File Prepping

Use Phrozen DS Slicer to transform your 3D scan data into optimized and ready-to-print files within a few clicks.

3. 3D Print

No more tinkering is needed. Simply pour your favorite dental resin material, and start printing immediately.

4. Post-Process

Properly post-process the 3D-printed dental indication and confidently present them to your patient.


Chairside 3D Printing Made Simple and Predictable

✔ Print high-quality dentistry on repeat

✔ AI-Driven: Effortless model preparation

✔ With 2 build plate sizes, adjust based on your need

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Sonic Dental Series

Simplify Your Same-Day Dental Model Production.

✔ Print up to 8 models in under 40 minutes

✔ Built-in heater for a stable printing environment

✔ Validated setting for various dental model resins

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Made to Fulfill All Your Washing Needs

✔ Versatile dual tank system

✔ Complete wash out in ±5 minutes

✔ Fits 200 washing profiles

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Fully Validated Material System

Skip the hours spent fine-tuning your resin settings. Our research team ensures each dental resin material compatible with our 3D printers is thoroughly validated, providing optimal accuracy and consistency for every clinical application you print.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

Dr. Arturo Ulloa (Peru)

All my treatments need high precision. With Phrozen dental printers, you got that precision. I can print all kinds of dental indications and no longer need to worry about their accuracy. I could even use dental resins of different brands because the printer has an open system. I totally recommend it.

Dr. Yuan-Min Lin

We have more than 15 Phrozen 3D printers in our labs and affiliated hospital. Phrozen 3D printers are built like tanks, very durable, and easy to operate. There is nothing in the market in the same price range that can compete with Phrozen printers!

Dr. Lin Chien-Ju

Phrozen's dental 3D printers always reliably fulfilled the high-precision requirements of our various clinical cases. Their workflow and technical personnel allow doctors and technicians to confidently print complex cases with ease.

Dr. Hsieh Ching-Yao

Compared with other machines on the market, Phrozen has great value and a low learning threshold. Phrozen provides excellent options for doctors or technicians who are interested in dental 3D printing.

Dr.Ou Shiu-Fong

The LCD 3D printer has immensely changed the dental industry. Among them, Sonic Dental Series printers are the most economical options, bringing unlimited possibilities to the digital dental world.

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