Perfectly Meets All the Professional Dental Needs

Phrozen has been enhancing the LCD 3D printing technology to a whole new level and applying it in the dental field.

With a larger printing volume and impeccable precision, excellent printing quality is guaranteed each time.

All the customized dental models will be printed accurately, allowing you to have an efficient 3D printing workflow.

High-speed Printing

Boost your 3D printing speed with our Mono-LCD,
400% faster with durable quality.

Excellent Accuracy

Equipped with powerful ParaLED 3.0 UV lights,
dental models are printed with outstanding precision.

Lower the Cost

Faster and better printing quality with a high success rate,
largely decreasing the labor cost. 

Sonic 4K 2022 Series LCD 3D Printer

Top Choice for Creating Dental Models with High Efficiency & Accuracy

Efficient Heating Ensures Printing Success

Add-on heater maintains a stable environment control
for each print, further guarantee success and boosting efficiencies.

Powerful Light Sources Make Prints Rapidly & Precisely

With the stronger ParaLED 3.0 UV lights, Sonic 4K 2022 series
accelerates printing speed while maintaining outstanding accuracy.

Professional Slicer Swiftly Builds Precise Models

The Phrozen DS slicer optimizes all 3D file editing processes, allowing for faster and easier treatments. 

Fully compatible with various dental material

Compatible with various resins made specifically for the dental industry, promising high precision in all professional dental applications.

Start Your Dental 3D Printing Journey with Phrozen


Digital Dentures

Delivers accurate, consistent,
high quality same-day dental implants.

Ortho Models

High-resolution models with crisp detail
without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Models with Removable Dies

3D printing models with removable dies
allows for extreme accuracy and bridgework.

Indirect Binding Trays

Easily places all the brackets
at once, saving time at the chair.

Bridge Wax-Ups

Extreme dimensional accuracy in X, Y, and Z,
as well as exceptional surface finish.

Surgical Guides

High-precision surgical drill
guides available at an affordable price.

Bite Splints

3D printing resin ideal for printing bite splints.

Gingiva Mask

Simulates the look and feel of gums for denture adjustments.