Professional Dental Resins for All Your Needs

Phrozen always strives to create professional-grade dental materials and develop fast and precise dental resins for various usage scenarios.

Gingiva Mask Resin

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Gingiva Mask Resin is a soft material with high elasticity and dimensional stability, specifically designed for dentistry. It’s easy to trim into the desired shape, and showcase an excellent color stability.

Mainly used in conjunction with dental models, the Gingiva Mask Resin is suitable for printing gums tissue on dental implant models and crown and bridge models. Made to simulate the look and feel of oral soft tissues, it allows the technician to perfectly adjust the dentures according to the intraoral condition of the patient.

Ideal for printing:  
。Gum tissues for dentures adjustment

Dental Study Model Resin

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Specifically formulated to print fast at an affordable price, Phrozen Study Model Resin prints at an astonishing 1.5 seconds per layer, completing a full-arch model in less than 25 minutes. With the white matte finish, Phrozen Study Model resin is highly suitable as an essential diagnostic aid for cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontics planning, helping patients to better understand their issues and the treatment required in advance. 

At only $1.2 / model, Phrozen Study Model Resin is the lowest-priced dental resin on the market, making 3D printing in dentistry more affordable than ever.

Ideal for printing: 
。Study model
。Diagnostic Model
。Gradual dentition / occlusal treatment progress

Water-Washable Dental Model Resin

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Water-Washable Dental Model Resin delivers a high level of post-curing accuracy with minimum shrinks. Its water-washable formulation makes it easy and safe to handle even in office environments, providing comforts for both patients and practitioners. With more than 90% of variation with ±0.05mm tolerance, Water-Washable Dental Model Resin shows an incredibly high accuracy when scanned and compared with the actual STL file, making it reliable for detailed diagnostic models.

Ideal for printing:
。Crown and bridge models with removable dies
。Implant analog models
。Diagnostic models

Dental Ortho Model Resin

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With up to 190°C heat resistance capability and 50μm resolutions, Phrozen Dental Resin is your best choice to print highly detailed thermoformed models for creating clear aligners and orthodontic appliances. Formulated with a pleasing matte gray finish, the low reflective surfaces help orthodontic professionals to examine all the fine details and plan patient treatments with comfort. 

Ideal for printing:  
。Clear aligner models
。Orthodontic models