Dental 3D Printing

Get to know Phrozen Dental Resin: Which one would best meet your dental needs?

Resin for Dental 3D Printing

Selecting the right resin is a crucial step in dental 3D printing.

The last thing we want is to choose the wrong resin that not only hinders our printing process but can also cost us a lot of wasted material.

On the other hand, selecting a proper dental resin can help boost your workflow efficiency. It allows you to print each dental appliance with extreme speed and precision. Significantly lower your print-fail rate in the process. And consequently, you can keep printing like a well-oiled machine without having to worry about reprinting or printing things that don't fit.

So if you have already selected an LCD 3D printer, the next step is to determine which Phrozen resin best suits your needs. We've prepared a list of our resin below to assist you in selecting a proper dental resin for your 3D printing workflow.

Dental Study Model Resin

Phrozen Study Model Resin

A dental study model is commonly used for various purposes, such as dental education, evaluation of treatment progress, and patient communication. So most of the time we need them to be printed fast & as cost-efficient as possible. Therefore, our Phrozen Study Model Resin would be a perfect pick for this.

Came out with a white matte finish, it's specifically formulated to print fast at an affordable price. The material allows you to print at 1.5 seconds per layer, completing a full-arch model in less than 25 minutes. It's also the lowest-priced dental resin on the market, which prints at $1.2 /model.

Mechanical Properties:

  • Viscosity: 150 cps
  • Density: 1.13
  • Surface Hardness (Shore D): Shore 90 D
  • Elongation (at break): 7%
  • Tensile Strength: 28 Mpa
  • I-Zod Impact: 24 KJ/m

Water-Washable Dental Model Resin

 Water-Washable Dental Model for printing crown and bridge model with removable dies

Suppose you're looking to print removable die models as a diagnostic aid for your crown & bridge restorations. Then, Phrozen Water-Washable Dental Model Resin can be your best choice.

This material is ideal for printing removable die models that usually demand high dimensional accuracy. It's capable of printing models that, when scanned & compared with the actual STL file, produce more than 90% data points within ±0.05mm tolerance. Making it very reliable, so you never have to worry about the fit of your models.

It's also designed to have a water-washable formulation. Makes it easy & safe to handle in clinic environments, reduces your post-processing time, and provides comfort for both patients & your team.

Mechanical Properties:

  • Viscosity: 60cps
  • Density: 1.1
  • Surface Hardness (Shore D): Shore 76 D
  • Flexural strength: 65.7 Mpa
  • Flexural modulus: 1542 Mpa

Dental Ortho Model Resin

 Dental Ortho Model Resin for printing clear aligner model

Phrozen Dental Ortho Model Resin is your best bet in printing out highly detailed dental models that withstand heat up to 190°C (or 374°F). Formulated with an eye-pleasing matte gray finish, you can get low-reflective surfaces that will help you better examine all those fine details & plan patient treatments comfortably.

This material is perfect for you who want to print aligner models that would later be used to create thermoforming aligners or retainers.

Mechanical Properties:

  • Viscosity: 180 cps
  • Density: 1.17
  • Surface Hardness (Shore D): Shore 82 D
  • Glass Transition Temperature: 220°C
  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 200°C
  • Tensile Strength: 32 Mpa
  • Tensile Modulus: 1890 MPa
  • I-Zod Impact: 10 J/m

Gingiva Mask Resin

Gingiva Mask Resin for printing gums & denture soft-tissue

Gingiva Mask Resin produces a soft material that exhibits high elasticity and dimensional stability, making it easy to trim while maintaining accuracy throughout the process. Additionally, they came out in a beautiful light pink color that closely mimics the natural appearance of gum tissue.

This material will be your best pick if you plan to print gum tissue or gingiva that will later be used to simulate oral soft tissues around your dental model prostheses. 

Mechanical Properties:

  • Viscosity: 1900cps
  • Density: 1.18
  • Surface Hardness (Shore A): Shore 35 A
  • Elongation (at break): 46%

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